Any remaining holder that wishes to achieve liquidity for their shares by selling them to the Company must follow the process outlined below:


  1. Place your sell order to your own broker prior to the trade dates;

  2. You will receive sell invoices upon the execution day (on Tuesdays);

  3. You will receive the net sales proceeds two days after the execution day (on Thursdays).


The Company has retained Commercial International Brokerage S.A.E. ("CIB") to assist it with the share buyback.  Minority shareholders that wish to sell their GTH shares and need assistance are encouraged to contact CIB using information listed below.



Egyptian Shareholders



International Shareholders


Mahmoud Abdelaal    

Ahmed Abdellatif

CIB Head of OTC

CIB Group Head of Operations

Tel:  +20 (0)10 0727 4758

Tel: +20 (0)10 0160 0045